1. How can we apply Istanbul Kültür University as international students?

You can make online application. Click for details.

2. How much is the tuition fee?

Tuition fee information will be given after filling online application on official provisional offer letter.

3. What are the required documents for registration?

For Undergraduate Degree Application: High school graduation certificate, transcript, passport, international exam result (if they have).

For Final Registration: Student Visa (from Turkish Consulates to be submitted to Student Affairs to receive an enrollment paper to apply for residence permit in Istanbul)

*The visa-exempt countries whose citizens do not require any Visas are listed on the following link; http://www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-information-for-foreigners.en.mfa

Health Insurance ( to be made in Turkey)

Residence Permit (to be obtained from the Foreigner’s Office in Turkey after official enrollment at Istanbul Kültür University, not required for Turkish Students)

Original high school diploma (if not in English, an English or Turkish translation of the diploma from sworn translation office should be provided )

Proof of Accreditation (the original proof of recognition has to be obtained from Ministry of Education in Turkish Republic or from the Turkish Embassy in the home land if available, not required for students for graduate from Turkish High Schools of Ministry of Education in Turkey)

Original transcript of records (if not in English, an English or Turkish translation of the diploma from sworn translation office should be provided, not required for students for graduate from Turkish High Schools of Ministry of Education in Turkey)

Language proficiency record (TOEFL IBT, TÖMER etc)

Passport (original)

Decont of the tuition fee

Seven photos (4.5 cm x 6 cm)

For Master Degree: Diploma, Transcript, passport, international exam result (if they have)

Final Registration: Graduate diploma (if not in Turkish, a translation of the diploma should be provided, Turkish translation is required at the time of Final registration )

Graduate transcript (if not in Turkish, a notarized translation of the diploma should be provided, Turkish translation is required at the time of Final registration )

Passport( Turkish translation is required at the time of Final registration)

Reference letter (upon request of the head of the programme)

Proof of Accreditation/Recognition (the recognition letter from Board of Higher Education). The Rectorate can write a letter addressing Board of Higher Education for the University’s accreditation/recognition.)

PHD Degree:

  1. Graduate Transcript (If it is not in Turkish, a notarized Turkish translation is required at the time of Final registration )
  2. Graduate diploma (If it is not in Turkish, a notarized Turkish translation is required at the time of Final registration )
  3. Passport( a notarized Turkish translation is required at the time of Final registration)
  4. Reference letter (upon request of the head of the programme)
  5. Record of language proficiency (providing one of the language results from the list of Board of Higher Education except from the mother language, for instance minimum 55 points from YDS, or 66 from TOEFL IBT or any equivalent grade to those exams from the list which can be reached by clicking the following  http://dokuman.osym.gov.tr/pdfdokuman/2014/Genel/Esdegerlik18072014.pdf)
  6. Record of Success for Turkish language

4. What is the procedure about visa and residence permit?

Newly accepted undergraduate or graduate foreign student applicants can obtain a Student  Visa  from the nearest Turkish Embassy in their country by showing their acceptance letter. This visa is usually valid for one month. The student  must complete the admissions process with all the required documents in IKU, and  must apply for residence permit to the Immıgration Office within one month of their entrance into Turkey.

Students from visa exempted countries can come here directly without visa for registration.


For as long as their residence permits are valid, students do not need a visa to enter Turkey. For example, when they go to their home countries for semester breaks, they can enter Turkey with just their Residence Permits.

Expired Residence Permits, must be extended within 15 days. Otherwise their holder will be prosecuted.

A list of graduated foreign students, as well as those who did not register for a particular term ,who took permission to not to register courses for that term, who were dismissed or had their registration deactivated at their own request or graduated ,are given to Immigration Office by the Registrar’s Office every term. As a consequence, the Residence Permit of those students are cancelled and those students must leave Turkey within 15 days after deactivation of their study in ITU or must apply to take up residence by other means to the Immigration Office. Failure to do so will result in prosecution.

Students having permission to not register courses for less than one year can enter Turkey with tourist visa and register for courses. However if their study exceeds one year they must take a student visa(Since their Residence Permit is cancelled they can not enter Turkey with Residence Permit).

5. What are the required documents for residence permit?


  • 4 PHOTOS

Please click for the details.

6. How do we go Immigration Office?

You will take metro to Yenikapı direction and get off at Eminet-Fatih Station.

You can see the metro lines from the following link;


7. How can we make Health Insurance?

You need to have Health Insurance for registration to the University and for Residence Permit.

International Students Affairs can help you to make it. Fee changes according to your information and to the agency. It is around 180-450TL

8. What is the procedure about payment?

Students are to pay 1/5 of the tuition fee to get admission letter, with that admission letter they have to take a student visa and arrive at Turkey. On their final registration they are asked to bring original required documents and the second installment. Accounting department prepares a payment plan for students; the remaining money is divided into three. The last payment date is to be 15th of January. If the installments are not paid on time, daily interest is applied to the main debt. Moreover, registering for the spring term will not be possible and the students will not be able to take the final exams in case the installments are not paid.    

9. How can we get scholarship?

Please click for the details.

10. How can we get transportation card for students?

Students are to have Residence Permit to apply transportation card for students. After getting residence permit, you can take student proof from Student Affairs with YU number, one photo, original passport, 10 TL, and apply to any Istanbul Kart Branch in Istanbul.

11. How can we make re-registration to the University?

Students must re-register on the dates stated in the academic calendar at the beginning of each academic year/semester. Students are solely responsible for their own re-registration. Students who fail to re-register may not take advantage of the student’s rights, such as obtaining student proof, for the period in which they are unregistered. Students who fail to re-register on the dates stated in the academic calendar and whose excuses are not accepted by the respective board may not use the SAP and Orion systems even if they have paid the tuition fee.

Re-registration is not allowed if students have debt or residence permit problem. They can solve the residence permit problem with taking an appoinment for it, or writing a petition to student affairs, yet the financial problem can not be solved before paying the debt.

12. How can we make course selection?

  1. Students need to complete their final registration or re-registration.
  2. They need to take their user name and passport from Information Technologies Office (5th Floor) with their student number (for new registrated students).
  3. With that user name and passport they need to select lessons Sap Orion system.
  4. Lastly, they need to see their advisor to confirmation.

*Students can select their lessons on the system and see their advisor for confirmation.

The courses within associate degree programs or undergraduate programs are of two types: compulsory and elective. Requirements of elective courses in a program and the courses that are available are indicated in the programs.

A course which must be taken and passed before another course is called the pre-requisite of that course. Pre-requisite courses are indicated in the curriculum.

Students must take the advisor’s recommendation when selecting the courses and obtain the advisor’s approval after he/she selects the courses. The courses which are not approved by the student’s advisor are deemed as not selected even if they are shown in SAP-ORION System as selected.

13. Is there any rule for attendance?

Students must attend the courses, laboratory classes and practices, all kinds of examinations and other practices required by the instructors in accordance with the principles and procedures determined by the respective faculty or graduate school. The rules regarding the attendance are included in the curriculum and announced at the beginning of semester by the instructor and the attendance records of students are kept pursuant to those rules.

At least % 84 attendances is obligatory for English Preparatory class, if the student exceed that limit, he/she loses the change of attending the proficiency exam at the end of the semester.

14. How can we register to Summer Class?

Students can take those lessons from which they fail at Fall and Spring terms on the condition that they are allowed for summer school. In order for a course to be included in the Summer Education Program, at least 5 undergraduate students or at least 3 associate degree students must have selected such course. However, such condition is not sought for the students who will be able to graduate owing to the courses to be taken during the summer education. Moreover, Students can attend summer school to take courses from the following year according to some regulations. They should contact with the Student Affairs to learn the regulations. Registrations can be done online with the UNİPASS user name and passport given by Automation System of the University. The fee of Summer school is calculated according to their credits.

15. What will happen if we cheat in the exam?

In case it is doubted that a student cheats or attempts to cheat in examinations, assignments or other assessment activities, plagiarizes or commits a similar violation set out in the applicable disciplinary regulations, a disciplinary proceeding is launched against the student. A student who is found guilty receives disciplinary punishment and his/her grade for respective activity is deemed zero. Exam paper of a student who is found innocent is assessed or a make-up examination or activity is offered.

16. What is the procedure of Course Withdrawal?

Students can drop a course and a new one with making a written application to the head of respective department to get approval for course withdrawal. Applications are concluded by respective departments and notified to the Student Affairs Department within three days. However, there are certain dates of add and drop, so they need to check the Academic Calendar.

17. What are the Graduation Requirements?

Student should get minimum 2.00 grade point average over 4.00 to complete successfully all courses (total ECTS corresponds to 240 credits) included to the program. Students have to take those lessons which are F and conditional pass grades( C-,D,D-),if they’re both(Fall and Spring terms) Cumulative Grade Points are below 2.00

18. Can students object to the grades hat they have taken?

Students have right to object the exam grades and achievement grades on certain dates stated on the academic calendar. They can apply to Student Affairs for it. Student Affairs send the petittions to the relevant departments.  Entering and individually approving grade changes based on decisions of faculty and Vocational School Executive Boards.

19. What are the conditions for attending Make-Up Exam?

Only those students who have F and conditional pass grades( C-,D,D-) from Final exams can attend Make-up Exams.

20. What is the procedure of Freezing Semester or canceling registration?

There are certain dates for freezing semester; students can follow the dates on Academic Calendar through main web page (http://www.iku.edu.tr/ENG/15/2396/academic-calendar.html). If you could not catch up the freezing dates, you will have no right to freeze the semester.

There are certain steps for Registration Withdrawal;

  • You will collect withdrawal form from student affairs, and fill the form.
  • You will collect mentioned signs from the departments of the University.
  • You will write a form for Accounting.
  • You will submit your student card to Student Affairs.

Registration withdrawal lasts 15 days that means you can not expect getting your original documents and withdraw from the University before 15 days.

Residence permits are canceled when both freezing and withdrawal completed.

If the students withdraw from the University after a little time from registration they are to complete ¼ of the tuition fee.

21. Can we change department?

Each student has a right to chance his/her department just once. The condition is; the student has to complete two semesters, after completing two semesters he/she can change. If a student has a discount, his/her discount is canceled at the time of changing department. The process of changing department lasts 15 days, so students should make their decision earlier in order not to be in hard situation.

22. How can I transfer my lessons from the previous University?

The transcript of records and the course descriptions have to be submitted, however the decision from which courses the student will be exempt is taken by the Head of Department only after registration. Hence we can not guarantee in advance from which class the student starts or which courses will be accounted.

23. Do I have right to continue Graduate Degree before Graduation?

When the IKU undergraduate degree students are in the final year of their studies, they can select 3 graduate degree classes from Social Sciences Institute and Science Institute in addition to their total class load.

If these students continue with their Master's degree, the three classes taken during the undergraduate term would count towards their Master's degree. In this case, they can graduate in three terms instead of four.

Moreover, students can take these 3 graduate degree classes as electives that also count towards their undergraduate program; thus, there is unity between undergraduate and graduate programs.

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